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What does life mean to people

What is life worth to you ?

Of course, for some people or a lots of people life is fucked up, just a series of mistakes not worth staying alive for. In some cases this is right, this is true and okay. I'm not against suicide, the irony is that the fact alone kept me alive for 5 years, always knowing there is a way out and it made me stronger. It's a comforting thing that there is always at least something you can do to escape. I'm a pessimistic realist, most of the time only seeing the worst things happening in the world and at the moment there are just not that many positve things out there happening. The world is a fucking holocaust like Otep Shamaya put it.
If you think about it, it's madness raging out there, stupid, blind madness. No need for that shit but they still do it. Because an ego is a very dangerous thing and greed mixed in with it, is worse. And well, too bad most of the presidents are like that.
Is there a need for war ? Was there ever ? No, if we would make up our minds and fucking realize that everything we do to eachother is unncessary. We are all equal, female, male, black, white, asian, arabic, latinos, buddhists, christians, muslims, jews. There is no difference. Our blood had always had the same color, there is no "race" better than another one. But there have to be scapegoats so we can blame someone instead of looking for the guilt in ourselves. It's always easier to hate, than to be open-minded and respectful, tolerant. There are no noble, good reasons for war. It's not about the safety of a nation, it's always about greed, power and bloodshed. We can't live without violence and this makes us worse than any animal. We have a brain, we have the ability to think, form theories, fly to the moon, building the most complicated technology but we can't live in peace together ? Is this a fucking joke ?
Maybe it's easy to forget what war is when it's not happening in front of your own house. How would you feel when tomorrow a few thousand soldiers would invade your country, your hometown, killing your neighbours and family all in the name for the greater good ? Would you think it is justified ?

Yesterday I watched a movie "25th Hour" and it was really great. Well played, directed, written - everything. One monologue line caught my attention : "JC (Jesus Christ) got off good, spend one day on the cross and a weekend in hell." Of course I knew the fact before but I never saw it in this angle. So our big martyr or the martyr of christianity suffered one day nailed to the cross and a weekend in hell and that makes him to our saviour ? Okay, is this a joke ? That's all he did to save mankind and suffer for our sins ? Well, this just means we can't have had that many sins or he would still be stuck in hell.
Come on, 3 days of hell...are you serious ? This makes someone a saviour ? A martyr ? Well, then I know at least 10 martyrs. That's just ridiculous.
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